dadcut ダッドカット   GarageCraft
dadcut Size: 3inch class (6 pairs)
4inch class (5 pairs)

This is the VERSATILE worm. 
You can use DADCUT as you want !!

Original shape for Texas Rig With cutting twin-tails,
legs and touches for No-Sinker Rig Craw, Hula grub,
Creature bait…..
You can modify depending on the situation andwhat
you want to do.

It is easy to make long cast even No-Sinker Rig because
DADCUT is made by Ultra-High-Density-Material.

At any situations, by any rigs, you will catch fish !!

dad cut ダッドカット

How to 

DADCUT is versatile double tails grub which can be used for any rigs.
DADCUT has several parts on its body.
And depending on the situations, angler can modify it by himself to match the situation.

( Example )

< Texas Rig for Cover fishing >  
One of basic technics,
In case that DADCUT is used for cover
fishing by Texas Rig, it is recommended to
cut twin tails in order to avoid tangled with
structures. Short legs at body are vibrated
subtlywhich is effective for fish.

< No-Sinker >  
In case of No-Sinker Hula Grub,
legs at body, twin tails and etc. shall be cut.
The reason why scissors type long arms is
not cut, is to avoid a rotation of body.
It is like a rudder.

パワフルに水を押す オリジナルツインテール
Original Twin Tails
Combination of thick double tails and thin tails make special wave which is made by mixture strong wave and small wave.

It has enabled long cast
without sinker.
Scissors type long arms
It works to stop rotating
its body, like a stabilizer.
Super Flared Skirts
The flared skirts is composed from different length of each skirts in Long, Middle and Short skirt. Each skirts moves in different speeds and angles, which make several waves effective for fish. And, Flared Skirts do not include any salt. This part is made as non-salt. Flared skirts is floated because of non-salt, which is importance for back-slide ability and falling speed

Color Chart  3インチ ・ 4インチ 
dadcut #S-05 Liver
#S-05 Liver
dadcut #S-14 Green Pumpkin Pepper
#S-14 Green Pumpkin Pepper
dadcut #S-15 Watermelon Pepper
#S-15 Watermelon Pepper
dadcut #S-16 Dark Watermelon
#S-16 Dark Watermelon
dadcut #S-19 Watermelon Pro Blue
#S-19 Watermelon Pro Blue
dadcut #S-29  Light Green Pumpkin Pepper
#S-29 Light Green Pumpkin Pepper
dadcut #S-44 Cinnamon Blue Flakes
#S-44 Cinnamon Blue Flakes
dadcut #S-51 Light Watermelon Pepper
#S-51 Light Watermelon Pepper
(4inch only)
dadcut #S-63 Junebug
#S-63 Junebug
(4inch only)
dadcut #S-69 Watermelon Pepper Red Flakes
#S-69 Watermelon Pepper Red Flakes
dadcut #S-81 Natural Pro Blue
#S-81 Natural Pro Blue
dadcut #S-181 Camouflage
#S-181 Camouflage
dadcut #S-182 Black Blue/Blue Flakes
#S-182 Black Blue/Blue Flakes
dadcut #S-188 Light Green Pumpkin/Green Purple Flakes
#S-188 Light Green Pumpkin/
Green Purple Flakes
dadcut #S-189 Japanese crayfish
#S-189 Japanese crayfish
dadcut #S-191 American crayfish
#S-191 American crayfish
dadcut #S-202 Chart /Root Beer
#S-202 Chart /Root Beer
dadcut #S-203 Chart /Green Pumpkin
#S-203 Chart /Green Pumpkin
dadcut #S-219 Green Pumpkin Max Blue Flakes
#S-219 Green Pumpkin Max Blue Flakes
(4inch only)
dadcut #S-223 Watermelon Pepper/Green Pumpkin
#S-223 Watermelon Pepper/
Green Pumpkin
dadcut #S-248 IMAE Green Pumpkin Pepper
#S-248 IMAE Green Pumpkin Pepper
(4inch only)
dadcut #S-258 IMAE Green Pumpkin Blue Flakes
#S-258 IMAE Green Pumpkin
Blue Flakes
(4inch only)
dadcut #S-259 NUMAEBI Blue Flakes
#S-259 NUMAEBI Blue Flakes
(4inch only)
dadcut #S-260 NUMAEBI Red Flakes
#S-260 NUMAEBI Red Flakes
(4inch only)
dadcut #S-261 Green Pumpkin Max Blue Flakes
#S-261 Green Pumpkin Max Blue Flakes
(4inch only)

Please be extra careful in sharp hook or items within this product.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use the lure for any other purpose or use.
Please be careful while you're using the lure.
Please do not pull your rod if your lure is hooked to any object.

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