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Fujin Spider  Invitation of finesse spider toxin on the surface. Fujin Spider
Fujin Spider Length 1.6inches Weight 2.6g

Revolutionary Top Water Insect Bait
New category bait called floating head Insect Bait, the FUJIN SPIDER
Delusion Top Water Insect Bait with natural attractive undulation.

This is the secret driving power of Jun Fujiki in 2005 tournament series achieving Top 50's Championship, super attractive real bug undulating finesse bait the FUJIN SPIDER.

Using high floating material trailed with ultra high floating jig head, SPIDER gives highest level of accuracy in your castings.

Fujin Spider

Key technique with SPIDER will be your presentation on the surface as if bug has fallen off on the surface. Lead out enough line; let it stay in the spot with ultra natural undulation which gives unbelievable attraction in your field.

If you wish to appeal SPIDER higher and wider, it can also "dog & walk" with your twitch actions.
SPIDER is an ultimate revolutionary top water Insect rubber jig for all round purpose for all fishermen.

Fujin Spider 1

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Head of FUJIN SPIDER is made of high floating resin which provides accuracy as well as your cast distance. SPIDER will stay in pin spot, creating natural undulation on the surface by your actions. For small mouth bass, long stay pause near the structure is deadly appealing, and for large mouth bass, you may want to present SPIDER near the edge of structures and wait for its bit. Stuck up bass with no sinker rigs or small rubber jigs, FUJIN SPIDER is the bait to bring you unbelievable experience to your fishing life.

Secret of FUJIN SPIDER lies in its resin jig head. Inside is cavity to gain enough floats.
Legs in its body will effectively create natural undulation as if panic insect on the surface.
By making the head design in flat shape, you can able to shake it in pin spot area. Rubbers in the head will also react with body enlarging super natural attraction.
テール部にはフローティングワーム素材を使用。浮力がありながらも遠投性も確保しています。 (スペアテール2本付属)
Body part is in high floating materials giving long cast ability. < 2 spare bodies included in package >

Color Chart  
Fujin Spider #S-05 Liver
#S-05 Liver
  Fujin Spider #S-29 Light Green Pumpkin Pepper
#S-29 Light Green Pumpkin Pepper
  Fujin Spider #S-36 TONOSAMA Frog
  Fujin Spider #S-37 Rain Frog
#S-37 Rain Frog
  Fujin Spider #S-51 Light Watermelon Pepper
#S-51 Light Watermelon Pepper
  Fujin Spider #S-52 Dark Watermelon Pepper
#S-52 Dark Watermelon Pepper
  Fujin Spider #S-53 Dark Green Pumpkin Pepper
#S-53 Dark Green Pumpkin Pepper
Fujin Spider #S-54 Wasp
#S-54 Wasp
  Fujin Spider #S-55 Kanabun
#S-55 Kanabun
  Fujin Spider #S-56 Nephila
#S-56 Nephila
  Fujin Spider #S-57 Poisonous Spider
#S-57 Poisonous Spider
Fujin Spider #S-58 Hornet
#S-58 Hornet
  Fujin Spider #S-59 Attractor Pink
#S-59 Attractor Pink
  Fujin Spider #S-60 Black Spider
#S-60 Black Spider
  Fujin Spider #S-136 HV Dark Watermelon Pepper
#S-136 HV Dark
Watermelon Pepper
Fujin Spider #S-137 HV Light Watermelon Pepper
#S-137 HV Light
Watermelon Pepper
  Fujin Spider #S-138 HV Dark Green Pumpkin Pepper
#S-138 HV Dark Green
Pumpkin Pepper
  Fujin Spider #S-139 HV Light Green Pumpkin Pepper
#S-139 HV Light Green
Pumpkin Pepper
  Fujin Spider #S-140 HV Attractor Pink
#S-140 HV Attractor Pink
Fujin Spider #S-141 HV Liver
#S-141 HV Liver
  Fujin Spider #S-142 HV Poisonous Spider
#S-142 HV
Poisonous Spider
  Fujin Spider #S-143 HV Black Spider
#S-143 HV Black Spider
  Fujin Spider #S-144 HV Kanabun
#S-144 HV Kanabun

* We're extra careful to deliver our products in its effective setups as IMAKATSU Brand. However, if the retrieving is not in straight positions, please tune up the eye positions of your lure.
* Do not hit your lure on the ground or any to take out some of the weeds or other remains from the fields when you might damage or give serious crack on the lure.
* To avoid any deformation, please refrain storing your fishing lures from other soft plastic lures.
* To exchange the tail, please clean up the pit of the body and put it with strong adhesive grew.
Please be extra careful in sharp hook or items within this product.
Please refrain from keeping the lure from children.
Do not use the lure for any other purpose or use.
Please be careful while you're using the lure.
Please do not pull your rod if your lure is hooked to any object.

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