Stealth Swimmer  Size:160mm (about 6.3 inch) Swimbait x 2,  Non-weighted jig-head x 1,  Weighted jig-head (3/8oz) x 1

Perfect Snagless

STEALTH SWIMMER is the perfect snagless swimbait loading STEALTH HOOK SYSTEM (PAT&PAT/P) developed by IMAKATSU, which does not have any hook outside body.

The retractable hook is fixed inside body by magnet. Once bass bites it, tension is given to line and hollow body is bent, and the big single hook powerfully comes out by the synergy between spring effect by restoring force and movable jig-head with principle of leverage. And then, STEALTH SWIMMER hooks up the fish.

Eyelet locates at the end of front nose, which can transmit hooking-power to hook point directly. The structure enable STEALTH SWIMMER to have awesome snagless ability in bush or weed and make high hooking ability.
And one more remarkable point, there is no hook outside body. (Hook is stored inside body by STEALTH HOOK SYSTEM.) So, fish does not see any hook on STEALTH SWIMMER, which moderate the wariness of a fish.

Both Non-weighted jig –head and Weighted jig-head are included.
One each of High strength resin jig-head for surface to about 6.7ft range and weighted jig-head made by bismuth with steel ball (3/8oz) for about 6.7ft to 13ft are included in the package (pre-rigged)
These jig-heads are detachable and compatible with each other. You can use both type of jig-heads in the same Stealth Swimmer as you want. When changing jig-head, we recommend to wet inside of Stealth Swimmer for letting jig-head slide well in order not to break the body.

How to 

Rod : Around 7 feet, MH to XH action bait casting Line: Fluoro carbon line 13 to 16lb

Basic technic is just to retrieve at constant speed with contacting structure such as timbers, rocks, weeds, bottom and etc. Depending on target range, Stealth Swimmer can be used with weightless or heavy weight.

In most cases bass bite it from the head side without cautiousness and hesitation, because hook is kept from sight completely and bass does not see and feel the hook. Therefore immediate hook-up would be effective. And there is possibility that bass swallow it at one gulp because of no hook point outside body.

It is easy to make dart and jerk actions due to no hook outside body. In some cases, jerking technic would be effective.

Heavy weight rigged will work well for dense cover or deep rock area like you do with rubber jig or Texas-rigged.

Detail - ディテール -
  • STEALTH HOOK SYSTEM (PAT&PAT/P) which is completely stored inside body.
  • Neodymium magnet inside body for holding hook.
  • Two type of jig-head are included.
which is completely stored inside body.
Neodymium magnet inside body
for holding hook.
Two type of jig-head are included.
One each of High strength resin jig-head and weighted jig-head made
by bismuth (3/8oz) are included in the package (pre-rigged)


【 Tuning 】
It is very rare, but Stealth Swimmer may lean to one side in swimming used with non-weighted head due to slight differential shrinkage at molding. In this case, follow the instruction given there.

1. Insert around 1/32oz nail weight in front of magnet at belly. It is hardly give any effect to falling speed or swimming range.
2. In case that above #1 does not work well, adjust by bending nose ring. If bait lean to one side, adjust by bending nose ring to the same side carefully as illustration. Do not over bend ! ( There is hardly any effect to swimming posture in case of treble hook or weighted version. )

Leaning to right side ----- bending nose ring to right side
Leaning to left side ----- bending nose ring to left side

**The tail of Stealth Swimmer is designed in superb angle. If the tail or body is deformed due to incorrect storage method, it would not swim straight correctly.
So, it is highly recommended to keep Stealth Swimmer in special holder enclosed after use.

  • 【Removable hook】
  • 【Secret technic】
  • 【Floating & Suspending adjustment】
  • 【Weightless-treble hook version】
【 Removable hook 】
As to Non-weighted head
( weightless head ), hook can be removed by pushing pin fixing the hook.. Push pin with a needle carefully and straightly.
( Refer to the photo. )
*Be careful not to hurt yourself
【 Secret technic 】
Stealth Swimmer has hook hunger (eyelet) at chin. The weight can be adjusted by putting sinker on it. Non weighted head has hole for weight on it. You can put round weight such as split shot in the hole to change to light weight version for swimming in 3 to 5 feet range.

【 Floating & Suspending adjustment 】
Stealth Swimmer has hollow structure. So, it is easy to make it floating model. With treble hook, insert floater in hollow body from back slit and close it by glue. Adjust buoyancy by quantity of floater or nail weight inserted to get suspending.
【 Weightless-treble hook version 】
Stealth Swimmer has very supple body because of super soft and durable material, and hollow structure. Therefore, if Stealth Swimmer is used with non weighted head + treble hook, it would make very good swimming action even in slow speed. How to make it Remove pin from non-weighted head and take off hook, and set it in body. Put #2 to #1 treble hook on hook hunger by split ring and swivel. And, peel off material outside magnet and put the treble hook on the magnet. Or, stick single hook in behind magnet at belly and put the single hook on magnet inside. Hook is hardly off to the side with the method and it is good for hard cast and hooking ability.

Color Chart 
  • Stealth Swimmer #S-187 Lake clear magic
  • Stealth Swimmer #S-338 Real AYU
  • Stealth Swimmer #S-371 HIUO
#S-187 Lake clear magic
#S-338 Real AYU
#S-371 HIUO
  • Stealth Swimmer #S-376 Clear AYU
  • Stealth Swimmer #S-377 Clear Chart
#S-376 Clear AYU
#S-377 Clear Chart

<recommended tackle>
Rod : Around 7ft length in MH – XH bait casting rod
Line : Fluoro carbon line 13 to 16lb

【Storage method after use】
*It is highly recommended to wipe off moisture and dry well in body, and keep Stealth Swimmer in special holder enclosed in package in order not to be deformed.
If Stealth Swimmer soft resinous body in a water-absorption state due to exposed to rain all the day is stored as it is, it might cause rust on hook. It is recommended to store Stealth Swimmer without jig head for long periods of time.

*In case that Stealth Swimmer soft resinous body in a water-absorption state due to exposed to rain all the day is used hardly, there is possibility to peel off glue around magnet easily. If glue is peeled off, dry inside body well and apply a small amount of glue around magnet.

●Please be extra careful in sharp hook or items within this product.
Keep out of reach of children.

●Do not use the lure for any other purpose or use.
●Please be careful while you're using the lure.
●Please do not pull your rod if your lure is hooked to any object.